Well, this morning I worked on some 24″ x 30″canvases that already had images on them – adding things, covering up things, creating new work.  And then I did some experimenting. I had seen a video on YouTube.com which interested me regarding transferring inkjet pictures to paper.  Yesterday, I experimented on watercolor paper, rice paper, and canvas with some very interesting results.  This morning I tried the technique on a canvas that had a painted background and it didn’t work, so I got an unpainted canvas and did a transfer.  After doing one, I simply removed the image and put it down in another position on the canvas and this was the result:


I’m not sure where this will go.  This image is of one of the large paintings that is being added to right now, so the original image just lives as a digital picture on my computer.  For those of you who may want to experiment with transferring from ink jet prints – check out YouTube.com    My technique doesn’t give a very sharp image (one of the techniques on YouTube does), but you don’t have to buy a lot of materials.  I simply watered down acrylic gloss gel (matte gel would be fine too, I think), spread some on the canvas or paper where I wanted the image, and lay the image down.  I then brushed water over the back of the image, lay a clean piece of paper over the image and rubbed a bit, then lifted both off using a pair of tweezers to grab the corner of the paper.  The right hand image was the one I just lay on after doing the left hand one…. in that case, the canvas had no gel and I didn’t re-wet anything – just lay it down and rubbed it.  I like it.  Experimenting gives me new ideas and new ways of working.

Well, back to painting.  Have a great week and thanks for joining me.  Chris


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