A New Painting – Into Forever


I usually paint several times a week.  Lately I have begun using a new style I learned while taking several classes at the studio of Elli and John Milan in Queen Creek, AZ.  This technique is different from and combines many of the ways I have worked over the years.  The painting pictured here, which I completed on Thursday, uses many of those techniques.  Into Forever is a mixed media/oil painting on 24” x 36” x 1.5” gallery wrapped canvas.  When a canvas is “gallery wrapped” that just means it is stretched around the outside of the frame and stapled on the back.  This allows the artist to be able to paint the edges and enables the collector to hang it as is, without having to frame the piece.  Into Forever is probably the 5th or 6th painting on this canvas…. some of which I sort of liked and some of which I didn’t.  The mixed media work can use any or all of the following techniques.  Collage, acrylic, spray paint/stencils, oil paint.  This one used all of them.

1-It began by  “gluing” various colors and textures of paper onto the primed canvas using Acrylic Gloss Gel Medium.  Edges were softened with Modeling Paste and the canvas was allowed to dry.
2-In this case a background was created using acrylic paint.  Sometimes an image is drawn onto the canvas prior to laying in the background.
3-After the background dried, I drew the horse and painted it using acrylic paint.
4-There were many changes made to both the background and the horse as I continued to study it and add and subtract things.
5-I used spray paint and stencils to bring out certain areas
6-I then went in with oil paint, enhancing colors already there, softening the edges of the stencil patterns, adding detail.
7-I was finally satisfied with the result and delighted with the outcome.
8-The title!  Often I get a title while I am working on a piece.  This one wasn’t like that… titles came and went and I had to be with the finished piece for most of a day, before it named itself: Into Forever
9-The final step will be to spray a coat of varnish over the entire painting (once the oil paint is dry) thereby sealing and preserving it.
10-I will post it this week as a painting on ArtWanted.com/ChrisMorningforest.  It can then be purchased as a print or giclee – framed or unframed – in a variety of sizes.  The original will be brought to SunDust Gallery in Mesa, AZ within the next week or so when I change out my gallery display there.  The original is $500.
The wonderful thing for me is how the painting continues to grow and develop as I live with it in its progression.  My couch is across from the easel I work on, and I often will look at the piece I am working on while I am reading or eating or watching a movie.  I may also get a sense of what it needs during my daily meditation times.  I love creating/co-creating my art this way.  Thanks for being a part of it.

I thought I would provide a simple glossary in lay terms for those of you who may be unfamiliar with some of the words I use….
Simple  Glossary:
–Primed Canvas = fabric with paint on it which seals the fabric allowing other paint to stay on top rather than soaking in and bleeding.
–Modeling Paste = a white substance which becomes hard when dry and allows the artist to build a textured surface, create sculptural effects, or cover edges of collage material.
–Giclee = a print made with archival ink (ink that will last a long time) on a wide variety of materials such as matte photo paper, watercolor paper, cotton canvas, or artist textured vinyl. (In other words, a fancy name for a print.) 


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  1. Sharon · · Reply

    Chris we just saw this painting and we love it!!! You are so gifted!!! Wish I had more walls to put this one on!!!:) Hugs to ya, Sharon and Val

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