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I just added some new work to my ArtWanted website:   Advertisements


Well, this morning I worked on some 24″ x 30″canvases that already had images on them – adding things, covering up things, creating new work.  And then I did some experimenting. I had seen a video on which interested me regarding transferring inkjet pictures to paper.  Yesterday, I experimented on watercolor paper, rice paper, […]

A World of Happys – Creating Books for Kids

Well, this morning, I will write something about the other artistic venture I am involved in…. Creating a Happy World of Stories for Kids Everywhere.  Since 1996, a good friend and now business partner of mine, Rebecca Raymond and I have been writing books for young children.  In 1976, I created some cartoon-like characters called […]

A New Painting – Into Forever

I usually paint several times a week.  Lately I have begun using a new style I learned while taking several classes at the studio of Elli and John Milan in Queen Creek, AZ.  This technique is different from and combines many of the ways I have worked over the years.  The painting pictured here, which […]

June 2, 2012 – How Things Happen

This Light is a painting that called me from sleep one night many years ago.  I finally got up.  I went to the studio and selected a square canvas.  Drawing the circle, I wet the canvas around it and applied blue and purple acrylic paint, using the colors as I would use watercolor.  Then I […]